10 Uplifting Photos From Hurricane Sandy

Photos: (Getty, Instagram)

Hurricane Sandy has affected over 8 million people. My friends from high school lost their homes, the places I grew up going to on the Jersey Shore are gone and as of press time, 118 people are dead. It’s difficult to digest especially if you’re watching the news on TV or looking at photos online but we wanted to show you a glimmer of hope.

I know it sounds bonkers. What hope can come out of this mess? I live in downtown New York and we still have no power or cell phone service. It was strange to wake up yesterday, in the aftermath of Sandy, and have no clue what happened or if my loved ones were safe. But when I walked outside of my apartment, everyone was talking to each other, stores with battery-powered ovens were serving pizza and strangers lent each other money to make phone calls on payphones or to take a cab.

I felt love. I felt support. I felt the sense of community that New York is known for. And thanks to a man with a boom box I found out that my neighborhood, the East Village, would be out of power for a few days so I packed up and left my home.

The photos you see online reflect the sadness and destruction of Hurricane Sandy but there were thousands of people helping each other out, there was a rainbow that popped up yesterday and pets getting rescued. Below are 10 photos that show another, more uplifting side of the aftermath. Please take a look and if you want to help, take a look at our action items after the photos.

Photo: New Yorkers are hanging the American flag, post Sandy. (Rachel Roy via Instagram)


Photo: Concetta Zagami was rescued in Staten Island. (Michael Kirby Smith for New York Times)


Photo: Beth Sgarlato and her hubby, Vincent, are making pizza in the background and giving it out for free in the East Village. (Damon Winter for New York Times)


Photo: A man hands an adorable dog to first responders in NYC. (Getty)


Photo: A woman is being helped down from a truck by an emergency responder in Little Ferry, New Jersey. The town was badly hit by Sandy. (Getty)


Photo: A family walks together in Hoboken, NJ. (Getty)


Photo: People in Pakistan light oil lamps during a vigil for victims and those affected by Hurricane Sandy. (Getty)


Photo: Alexa Upperman, daughter of the manager of The Dough Roller in Ocean City, MD, helps to clean up, post hurricane. (Getty)


Photo: A guy helping his fellow New Yorkers charge their phones. (Buzzfeed)


Photo: A rainbow appears the day after Hurricane Sandy hits New York. (Ania Zimnoch via Instagram)

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Red Cross Disaster Relief

Red Cross Disaster Relief

Donate what you can to the Red Cross' disaster relief fund.

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Help Pets Affected by Sandy

Help Pets Affected by Sandy

The Humane Society of the United States is working to save the lives of animals caught in the storm. Please donate to them.