Action Brief: Environment

Nuclear power, offshore drilling, plastic bags–there’s a whole lot of talk on the environment and potential threats to it in our not-so-distant future. When it comes to carbon dioxide emissions worldwide, the U.S. alone makes up 25 percent of the Earth’s damage. The Gulf Coast continues to suffer from the effects of one of the biggest oil spill disasters ever. Coastal cities nationwide are taking steps to eliminate waste such as plastic bags that end up in our lively beaches.

It’s gettin’ hot in herre, and we’re not so sure that’s a good thing. Whether your biggest concern is polar bears, glaciers, the oceans, the food you eat or the water we drink, there are simple ways that all of us can reduce our impact on climate change. Every action counts.


Meet five celebrities taking action on the issue:

  1. Sophia Bush

  2. Leonardo DiCaprio

  3. Jack Johnson

  4. Vincent Kartheiser

  5. Ed Norton

  6. Sting


Join The Movement

Scientists say that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe limit for humanity. Join the movement to help us there.


Do Something

The US is responsible for 25% of the CO2 emissions worldwide. offers easy ways to cut back.


Go Green

TreeHugger provides in depth, actionable articles to help you get off your duff and step into a green future. Topics include cars, fashion, culture, food, travel, dating, and more.


Learn From The Best

Every year, rewards the people, ideas, projects, and memes that are pushing sustainability into the mainstream. Check out their Best of Green Awards to see who made the list. Topics include Best Computer, Best Cell Phone, Best Electric Car, Best App, Best Celeb to Follow on Twitter and many more. Check it out.


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